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Update: Hausa Kope June 2021

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

On May 28th, two members of our CORM Community Impact Team, Ernest and Pastor Ato

traveled to Bejamse & Hausa Kope along the banks of Lake Volta. They hit the ground running, leading committee member training, encouraging our Community Health Educators, and preparing the people for our team’s arrival on June 2nd.

One of the projects that Ernest and Pastor Ato worked on was the renovation of Sir Bright’s room at the Hausa Kope school. Bright

moved to Hausa Kope 4 years ago. Since that time, he has dedicated his life to educating the children of the village. We are honored to help create a space for him that he can call home.

Our partners at Tema International School gave us a solar-powered bank for Sir Bright. He has found it difficult to charge his phone over the past four years. They also gave him a solar-powered lamp that he can use in the evenings to grade papers and prepare for the following day.

On Tuesday, June 1st, at midnight, our CORM outreach team, our partners from Faith Journeys, and volunteers loaded into a Toyota Cruiser. They began their 10-hour journey to Bejamse through sleeping villages and potholes the size of the bus. Finally, they arrived in Bejamse in time to unpack the Cruiser, eat a light meal and load themselves into a motorized canoe that took them across the lake to Hausa Kope. The team was excited to meet and love on the people of Hausa Kope.

The team only had a few hours to spend in the village on Wednesday as the sun would soon be setting, and they needed to prepare for the medical outreach the following day. The women on the team lead the village ladies in a women’s cycle of life workshop. The women of the village enjoyed praying over the team and then singing one of their village songs before the workshop started. The men helped paint Bright’s room and met with the village leaders about the upcoming medical outreach. Finally, the team piled back into the boat, exhausted and ready for what the next day was going to hold.

It has been almost a year and a half since CORM has begun the pursuit of bringing the people of Hausa Kope access to clean drinking water. We have been planning for over a year to

have two boreholes drilled in the village, and each time we have planned to have the boreholes drilled, we have been disappointed. So this trip, we decided not to work on having a borehole rig meet us as our major focus was on the medical outreach.

But God…

On Wednesday, Pastor Johnbull heard from a friend who is a contractor for a borehole rig that he would be in the Hausa Kope area with a rig and was able to come and drill the

boreholes on Thursday while the team was at the village. We couldn’t believe it! God was showing up for the people and us in a huge way! On Thursday when the drilling rig showed up the people were so surprised and excited. Could this be happening after all this time and the numerous failed attempts of contractors not showing up? Everyone had tears of joy as the reality set in that TODAY was the day God would bless this village with water. For the first time, the people have access to clean drinking water!

Thankful to God that Thursday over 150 people were seen at the medical clinic. We are grateful for each of the medical professionals on our team and those who joined us from Ghana to bring medical care to the people of Hausa Kope. This village does not have easy access to medicine and the people where so thankful to have the medical team there. Volunteers enjoyed praying over each person that came though the clinic. It is amazing to see that even with the language barrier, God's word is understood by all who hear it. What a blessing to be apart of something bigger than ourselves.

We are looking forward to our next outreach to the people of Hausa Kope. We can see God at work in their lives and in ours as we build relationships. Please keep the leaders and people of Hausa Kope in your prayers.

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