meet the people behind the ministry.

Johnbull & Stacy Omorefe | 

Founders/Directors CORM

Johnbull and Stacy Omorefe met in Ghana in 2001, and married in 2002. Johnbull, a Nigerian native, knew firsthand the trials a child faces living on the streets.  As a street-child himself, John was unable to attend school because he had to work daily just to have money to eat. There were some days when he only ate a few peanuts.  Johnbull and Stacy's hearts are for the children that face a similar life, and they long to restore that lost childhood.  Because of their hearts for the children of Ghana, in December 2006, Johnbull and Stacy began traveling back and forth from America to Ghana to begin helping vulnerable children and reversing the trend of trafficking that is prevalent there.The Omorefes live at the CORM Children’s Village in Doryumu with their children, JJ, Caleb, Justice, Rosemary, Paul and Miracle.

Johnbull@cormghana.org or


Autumn Acheampong | 

Director of Education

Autumn Buzzell is our Director of Education at our school, Faith Roots International Academy. Autumn came to us from California in the USA in 2010. Since 2010, she has helped us to successfully establish our primary school and junior high school.  She has a focus on teacher and student discipleship and development as well as high expectations for instruction. She is an invaluable asset to our team.

Autumn is married to Richard, CORM's sustainability coordinator, and fosters two boys. 

Dr. Troy & Jammie Tompkins | 

Medical Directors

Dr. Troy and Jammie Tompkins are our Medical Directors . They moved to Ghana in 2017 with plans to start a clinic for CORM and the surrounding Communities. 

They are currently leading our CORM Community Impact Team. We are so grateful for their commitment to our community and their compassion for each person they come across.

The Tompkins are live at the CORM Children's Village with their twin children, Timothy and Yvette. 
Troy@cormghana.org or 


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