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GhanaAugust 2022

In years past the month of August marked our summer break, the break between school years for our students. Since covid our school breaks have changed, our entire school year has changed and our school years now run January-December, but we still get a break during the month of August. Although we are a bit bummed about our school year being changed we are happy to have August off from school activities. The month of August is a special season, it falls between our two rainy seasons and we typically stay fairly dry during this month. The sky is overcast and our days are cool and evenings are cooler yet. A huge reprieve from the hot weather that is to be expected in Ghana.

The month of August is normally full of fun and activities for our kids. We have done many different types of activities in August, but one thing is for certain, there will be basketball camp. This year Paul took on the challenge of organizing games and activities for the kids and staff. He did a fantastic job of figuring out how to keep everyone busy (it was great seeing one of our kids who grew up at CORM leading the rest of us).

This year we decided to rename our August games, "GhanaAugust", a name we used for this season a decade ago when our volunteers would come and plan out this month's activities much like a summer camp for our kids. This year had that type of feel to it as Paul planned for us to start our mornings out together doing exercises and then days full of handball, kickball, tug of war, capture the flag, volleyball, a scavenger hunt, baking, hiking, card games and evening bonfires and movies. We were divided into four groups and the winning team was awarded for their dedication.

Our friends from HoopsCare came from Cape Coast our second week of camp and helped run our annual basketball camp.

*Thank you Autumn for putting together this fun video of the activities! The throwback pictures and videos are so much fun!

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