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CORM Quarterly Update


Faith Roots International Academy

Since the covid pandemic the school year in Ghana has started to run January through December.

Our teachers returned to school on January 4th for a week long teacher's inservice. The students resumed school on January 11th. We are almost done with our first term of school. Our teacher's and school staff are doing a great job of implementing a new curriculum and are looking forward to the upcoming Easter break.


Child Sponsorship

We are in need of child sponsors for several of the children who live at the CORM Children's Village. If you would like to sponsor a child please visit our website at

We are not able to share the photos of the children who were most recently rescued, so we use a picture holder for those children. Once you become their sponsor we will send you their picture and a few details about them.


Volunteer Spotlight

Matthew and Hannah Van Mulligen joined us in January and will be serving with us through September! They are serving as missionaries through a sending organization. Hannah is working with our Impact One Department and Matthew has been teaching in different areas.

We are grateful for their hearts of servant leadership and love for the people we serve!


Women's Cycle of Life Leadership Training

We believe that when we impact the lives of women we are able to see transformation in their children, families and communities. We work with many single mothers and widows who need more education and knowledge in how to run their households and businesses. We are working hard to help the women become self-sustained and confident in who they are.

This week eight ladies received their certificate in WCL Leadership I! Now they will return to their communities and start small groups in their homes where they will share the lessons they learned while in the training. Each month the ladies will return to learn more lessons that they will share with their groups. The groups will come together Quarterly to learn a skill and health lessons from our nurse, Ernest. We are looking forward to what God will do through the women to bring transformation in their families and communities.


City Hearts Africa and Therapeutic Interventions Training

On Saturday, March 5th, our partners, City Hearts Africa, lead our entire staff in a day-long training to help us better understand how to support children who have come out of traumatic situations. The training helped our team recognize where they can build stronger relationships with the children they work with daily and see where each child is in their development and ways to encourage the children.

We are grateful for City Hearts Africa and all of the ways that they are partnering with us in capacity building and development.

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