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The Cosmetic bag is handmade of local batik Ghanaian fabrics!  Each one is unique!  Perfect for carrying make-up, these cosmetic bags have a plastic washable liner and are sure to inspire you!  They come in three color variations.




Zipper Closure,


Cotton, lined


-Height: 6.5”


-Width: 9.5”


-Deep: 4”

 Imagine being a single mother faced with an impossible choice:  food or your child?  CORE exists to provide a fair-trade, sustainable income for local vulnerable women while also enabling families to stay together.  Each item is unique, handmade, and crafted from local Ghanaian fabrics. We are a nonprofit business and all proceeds from the sales of these items are invested right back into the program to keep the cycle of empowerment alive. Buy with confidence that your dollar is helping write a beautiful story for women in Africa!  See more at

African Batik Cosmetics Bag

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