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Restoring Their Childhood Through Play

As a child, I remember pumping my legs to an intense rhythm that would be sure to get my swing as high over the swing-set bar as I could before I felt like at any moment I would take off flying. Pretending the massive tractor tires were a secret hideaway, although they stood in the middle of the playground. The monkey bars that challenged me to go from one end to the other without falling. I believe that I was only able to accomplish this great feat with my Dad by my side.

The playground is the backdrop of childhood memories of bravery and being full of imagination without a care in the world.

Many of the children that come to know the CORM Children's Village as home, whether it is for a short time due to reunification or long term, have never been able to stop and play. This gift of childhood is precious, and I believe necessary.

In 2012 we built two playgrounds, one at Faith Roots International Academy and the other on the main campus for our residential children.

All of our current playground equipment is metal; things are beginning to rust in our tropical environment. We recently added plywood to the top of the slide due to spots of the metal starting to rust through.

Last summer, our friends, David and Shawn, came to visit the children at CORM. They decided that they would like to help us raise the needed support to put in a new playground. They returned to California and got us connected to Kids Around the World, a non-profit that helps ministries like City of Refuge to get access to quality playgrounds at a discounted price. We need to raise funds for this new playground.

Peninsula Covenant Church, a church partner, and the Shearin family are helping us to raise $15,000 of the needed $27,000 to purchase the playgrounds. As of today, we only need to raise an additional $2,530. Will you partner with us?

Our new playgrounds will be similar to this one.

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